When you come to Piedmont one the "MUSTS" of the enogastronomic tour is the visit of Voerzio and Martini Wine Cellar. Young enologists Mirco Voerzio and Fedrica Voerzio are always glad to share their story with you which has started long long time ago, starting with Gianni Voerzio di La Morra, producing for a long tie the biggest number of bottles of the high quality wine in the whole Italy and passing to the new generation of Voerzio and Martini who are the actual proprietors of the most precious cru “Cerequio”, 5.772 square meters, where no one managed to acquire even a little piece of vineyard for about 30 years !


The wine cellars of Voerzio e Martini are situated in the very heart of the World UNESCO Heritage: La Morra. The land with the richest wine story in the whole Italy. 
The panoramic view is spectacular and is considered to be the most astonishing ones in the wine production zones in Italy.
Brother and sister Federica and Mirco Voerzio are the example of the Italian families who are passing their experience and precious land from generation to generation. Their wine recognized over the whole world and you can meet these guys in one the most important wine fairs in the world like ProWein in Dusseldorf, Vintitaly in Italy.... in USA, in Japan ecc... 
Voerzio e Martini are situated in Langhe Zone. The soil of the Langa is the result of the Padano Sea, which withdrew from the area around 16 million years ago, leaving behind it a substrate of clay, calcareous marl, blue marl, tufa, sand and sulphur-bearing chalk. These substances are to be found in alternating layers, giving the area’s wines their structure and finesse. The claychalk terrain of the Langa tends to produce fullbodied reds.
We have experienced the following wine tasting: 
  • Barolo “La Serra”;
  • Langhe Nebbiolo “Ciabot della Luna”;
  • Barbera D’Alba “Ciabot della Luna”;
  • Dolcetto D’Alba “Rochettevino”;
  • Langhe Freisa “Lamorrina”;
  • Langhe Arneis “Bricco Cappellina”.
 See the picture in the gallery on the left, the visit to La Morra will enrich your inner world of culture. Passing through the narrow street s of this magic town you notice that 99% of activities are concentrated in wine production and local cuisine. 
Be sure to be packing at the Piedmont Hazelnuts, unique in the world,  in your pocket while you are taking a walk through the vineyards, ancient churches museums of wine, glasses, truffles, cockscrews....
Together with you we will finish this unforgettable day dining in one the local "trattoria" or in some Michelin Restaurant.
Thanks a lot for the hospitality of Mirco and Federica, hope to see you soon again!