The Festival of Festivals (Festival delle Sagre in Italian) is an event that takes place in Asti, the Piedmont region of Italy, over the weekend of the second Sunday in September of each year in order to celebrate the customs and traditions of country life.

Asti Festival of Festivals

According the ancient tradition it begins on Saturday night and goes on the whole day of Sunday.

Traditionally Saturday evening events attract most of the visitors. Over the course of two days, the festival now attracts about two hundred thousand visitors each year.

The Asti Festival of Festivals presents Italy's largest open-air restaurant, offering a variety of authentic Piedmont cuisine involving about 40 Pro-Loco organizations from Asti and its neighborhoods, who present their specialties, accompanied by noble DOC and DOCG Piedmont wines. The old village atmosphere is created in the historical Palio of Asti.

Numerous traditional written and oral recipes created by generations are used each year to present a menu of over eighty different dishes, prepared using ingredients that are typical for the Asti region. Some of them will seem unusual but once you taste them, they will surprise you with the explosion of the delicious flavors once.

Some record dishes were prepared during these years in almost industrial quantities:  in 2004 over 4,000 kg of rabbit agnolotti were cooked and sold at convenient festival prices.