In Piedmontese dialect the “douja”  was an ancient terracotta jug used to decant, store and serve wine. In Asti the “Douja d’Or”, or “golden jug” is the symbol of the wine festival. The event was launched by the Asti Chamber of Commerce in 1967. Since that time the event has grown year by year, presenting today one of Italy’s most prestigious and appreciated wine fairs. 

Douja di Oro

Douja d’Or is traditionally held in September, in a ten-day period starting from the second and third weekends of the month.
The festival will offer you hundreds of DOC and DOCG wines selected by the experts from the ONAV (The national organization of wine tasters)  in the national “Douja d’Or” competition.
The wines are presented for tasting and, during the last night of the festival, also for commerce at very convenient prices. The protagonists of the event are the wines that are the ambassadors for the Asti area throughout the world: Asti Spumante and Moscato, Barbera and Alta Langa Metodo Classico.
Visitors have the chance to experience the very best of these wines made by the best local wine producers. Every evening chefs present a “signature dish” paired with its perfect wine. The fair will offer you a wide range of Piedmont’s outstanding gourmet specialties. The initiative will amuse you with the rich program of cultural events inspired by the world of art, music, wine and food.