Once upon a  time, Camillo Benso Count of Cavour has defined asparagus as a source of economic prosperity! Asparagus is a product belonging to the agricultural tradition of Santena since the Eighteenth century.

Asparagus Festival in Santena

Every month of May, for already 80 years, Santena celebrates to this product with “Asparisagra” (Festival of Asparagus), the festival that keeps alive the productive, cultural and folklore traditions of the area and that gives the chance to its visitors to taste the asparagus in the delicious dishes of typical cuisine of Piedmont.

The Asparagus of Santena traditionally makes a part of the Basket of the typical products of Turin province.

 The asparagus is a garden perennial species, of which it is possible to eat the shoots, sprouts with the particularly delicate taste which are of different colors, from deep green to violet tones.

The asparagus of Santena is particularly appreciated for the unique organoleptic qualities, originate from the peculiar composition of the soils, from the use of the organic fertilizers and from the maturation out of the greenhouses.