Every year hundreds of volunteers are working hard to prepare the town of Carmagnola,  near Turin, for a 10-day festival dedicated to numerous varieties of the pepper. 

Peperņ in Carmagnola

Every September “Peperò” takes place in Carmagnola, in the province of Turin, offering to its visitors colorful pepper-related markets, art concerts and exhibitions and even a marathon. 

Carmagnola is traditionally known for celebrating the pepper in a big way. A few years ago the town won its place in the Guiness Book of World Records by turning tractor loads of peppers into the largest “peperonata” ever made:  1190 kg dish beat out the previous record for the vegetable stew that had weighed in at a mere 500 kg.

Maintaining genuine local traditions of large tributes, every year festival will award prizes to the biggest peppers grown in Piedmont.

For visitors looking for some fine experience, the festival offers the wine tastings paired with peppery dishes, as well as cooking demonstrations.