In recent years, the popularity and interest in food and wine pairings have increased and taken on new connotations. However, the two main strategies will remain forever: complement or contrast!

The main rules for wine and food matching!

Today we will talk about the first strategy: complement.

Complement strategy tries to bring wine together with dishes that complement each other such as sweet elegant aromatic Moscato d’Asti with fruit tarts or with some plain sponge cake. The complement rule Sweet with Sweet will work! The delicate aromas of wine and food will enhance and highlight each other in this case.

Be careful, not always any sweet wine can be paired with any kind of sweet food. The wine and food must complement each other and none of them should dominate. Example: if you try Moscato d’Asti with dark chocolate mousse or sweets containing liqueur - it will not function , the persistent and strong aromatic dessert will dominate and cover the fine elegant flavour of sweet Moscato that will vanish immediately!

Have a nice dinner tonight with the most correct final sweet point !

Next time we will talk about the contrast so you will never hesitate about the type of white or red wine to choose which may seem so similar from the first sight but they are not!