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White Truffle International Fair in Alba

The International Alba White Truffle Fair is one of the best examples of high gastronomy and Italian excellence.

Open Cellars of Piedmont

Open Cellars is the most important event of the year, involving over 850 wine cellars, which remain open to the one million visitors creating an immediate and direct contact with all wine tourists and lovers.

Cheese Festival in Bra

Every two years “Cheese” fair takes place at  Bra, the province of Piedmont. The event is the most amazing cheese feast accompanied by great wines, beers and music. 

Slow Food Festival in Turin

"Salone del Gusto" Slow Food Festival in Turin is a contemporary food festival to be marked in red for the visit in your calendar. The northern Italian province of Piedmont is one of life’s great pleasures for tasting and drinking. 

Asti Festival of Festivals

The Festival of Festivals (Festival delle Sagre in Italian) is an event that takes place in Asti, the Piedmont region of Italy, over the weekend of the second Sunday in September of each year in order to celebrate the customs and traditions of country life.

Douja di Oro

In Piedmontese dialect the “douja”  was an ancient terracotta jug used to decant, store and serve wine. In Asti the “Douja d’Or”, or “golden jug” is the symbol of the wine festival. The event was launched by the Asti Chamber of Commerce in 1967. Since that time the event has grown year by year, presenting today one of Italy’s most prestigious and appreciated wine fairs. 

Asparagus Festival in Santena

Once upon a  time, Camillo Benso Count of Cavour has defined asparagus as a source of economic prosperity! Asparagus is a product belonging to the agricultural tradition of Santena since the Eighteenth century.

Peperņ in Carmagnola

Every year hundreds of volunteers are working hard to prepare the town of Carmagnola,  near Turin, for a 10-day festival dedicated to numerous varieties of the pepper. 

Vinum Alba

Vinum Alba is one the greatest possibilities to discover greatest Langhe, Roero and Monferrato wines. The glasses of the best selection of DOC and DOCG wines are waiting to astonish you with their perfumes and colours.