By choosing our two-day or three-day tour “Barolo and Barbaresco Wine and Food Experience” you will study the intricacies of Barolo and Barbaresco wines and its vineyards paired with traditional cuisine and amazing views and castles.

Barolo and Barbaresco Wine and Food Experience

The first day will be dedicated to the tasting of classic and elegant Barbaresco wine in Neive and a more full-bodied and powerful Barbaresco in Treiso that will bring you steps ahead in wine tasting. You will also find out the DOCG territorial and vineyards rules and restrictions for Barbaresco production. Visit the historical center of Barbersco village with the stunning squared tower built in the late XI century to protect the village from foreign invaders.

The second day will be dedicated to the tasting of the elegant Barolo wine. 11 Barolo wine-producing villages like Barolo, La Morra, Castiglione Falletto, Serralunga d’Alba, Monforte d’Alba etc will welcome you for tasting the elegant Barolo in the town of La Morra and a more structured masculine Barolo in Serralunga d’Alba. You will see with your own eyes the most spectacular vineyards view from the famous panoramic terrace “Belvedere” of La Morra. The generations of local winemakers will tell you the secrets of Barolo history starting from the story of the French Marquise Juliette Colbert (the lady who created Barolo wine), passing to“Barolo Boys” and the latest extraordinary news regarding the prices of the vineyards of Barolo!

Keep yourself prepared to local gourmet dishes that will accompany you during all your staying in Piedmont!

We will do our best to make you dive deep into the world of this noble wines by tasting different masterpieces coming from different types of grape vintages, soil compositions as well as try the effects of different types of barrel aging. You will get the unique experience to learn about the crus, special single vineyards, and everything you need to know about Barolo. Choosing this tour you will get the chance to step on the land of the best Italian region for vineyards, food and wine.

The third day can be dedicated to historic landmarks, to the city of Alba called “One Hundred Towers Town”, to the visit of Falletti castle (home of the French Marquise Juliette Colbert) and to astonishing panoramic views along the way.

Here is the unforgettable experience that you will bring home with you:
  • Wine tasting education and training;
  • Visit some of the small medieval wine villages of Barolo and Barbaresco zone;
  • 6-8 winery visits
  • Fine dining with historical Piedmont dishes paired with 5-7 wines (lunch and dinner)
  • Shades of Barolo and Barbaresco wines.
Annually Piedmont welcomes numerous genuine Events and Fairs of the International level dedicated to local food and wine like the International White Truffle Festival in Alba, Cheese in Bra, Terra Madre of Slow Food Association in Turin etc. Be a part of this noble land and organize your trip during of these surprising events (click on Events).

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No worries about transport, residence, visit organizations, restaurants! We will prepare the best option for you in advance and share it with you for agreement or modification before your coming to Italy.

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