• by Anna Geitchenko-Scanavino
Turin and the noblest Piedmont wine and food
TAKE A WINE is the first project of its kind developed by Anna Geitchenko-Scanavino in 2017 focused on deeply professional luxury food & wine tours in Piedmont, Italy, for individuals, couples or small groups in Russian, English or Italian languages.

You will find out the secrets of this precious land of the noblest grape in the world, Nebbiolo. You will step on the land of the World Heritage of Unesco and see with your eyes the first capital of Italy, Turin.

The places that we will see together are not “commercial points of interest” but the genuine Piedmont treasures.
Our tours

  • Barolo and Barbaresco Wine and Food Experience
    By choosing our two-day or three-day tour “Barolo and Barbaresco Wine and Food Experience” you will study the intricacies of Barolo and Barbaresco wines and its vineyards paired with traditional cuisine and amazing views and castles.

  • The Greatest Barolo Crus
    Two-day wine tour "The Greatest Barolo Crus". This tour, designed for passionate and curious wine lovers, will offer a mix of interesting technical knowledge, presented with the simplicity of language, lightness and amusement.

  • Two days express Tour in Turin and Piedmont Wineries
     “Turin and Piedmont Wineries” two days express tour in the heart of the Royal Savoy Family, Turin, combined with wine tasting in the most authentic Peidmont wineries.

Our latest news of world of wine

When you come to Piedmont one the "MUSTS" of the enogastronomic tour is the visit of Voerzio and Martini Wine Cellar. Young enologists Mirco Voerzio and Fedrica Voerzio are always glad to share their story with you which has started long long time ago, starting with Gianni Voerzio di La Morra, producing for a long tie the biggest number of bottles of the high quality wine in the whole Italy and passing to the new generation of Voerzio and Martini who are the actual proprietors of the most precious cru “Cerequio”, 5.772 square meters, where no one managed to acquire even a little piece of vineyard for about 30 years !